Mayfair Builds a New Head of Steam

MFG45614-cxsmComing in March 2014 from Mayfair Games is Steam Expansion #4!


Poland – An Expansion for 2-4 Players

The “Crossrails” of Europe, A broad to Standard Gage transition

The Poland has 2 sets of rules. One for 2 players, the other for 3-4 players.

South Africa – An Expansion for 3-6 Players

Mining and Markets in Africa

The So Africa Map has 1 set of rules, for 3-6 players.

Steam™ – Expansion #4 contains:

• 4 double sided map panels

• mapboard – Poland

• mapboard – South Africa

• 1 Exclusive NEW Steam Tile Sheet for Expansion 4– with new tiles for Expansion 3

• Rules

 Steam™ – Expansion #4 $24.00

Ages 12+

For 2-5, Players

Playing Time 60 + minutes

Designer: Expansion By Morgan Dontanville

Art: Jared Blando (Maps)

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