Lords of Vegas UP from Mayfair Games in February 2014

LordsofVegasExpLords of Vegas: Up! ™ is an expansion for Lords of Vegas™. In fact, it is really two expansions in one. First, It allows you to play with 5-6 players. Second, it allows you to increase the size of your hotels, not just by building out, but also by building up.

These new taller hotels are more prestigious, and as a result earn you more Victory Points.

Lords of Vegas: UP! contains:

• Two new player colors, 12 dice each, 10 player markers each, 1 scoring chip each

• 1 pack of money

• 48 casino floor tiles

• Rules

 Lords of Vegas UP $25.00

Ages 12+

For +2 Players

Playing Time 60-90 + minutes

Design: James Ernest & Mike Selinker

Art: Cover Image: Fastner & Larson; Art: Franz Vohwinkel & Pat Raubo

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