Did Somebody See a Ghost?

Ghost1Dark Horse Comics Ghost #1 Review

Who is The Ghost? Well, it turns out that the Mayor of Chicago was a Demon who put a lot of his friends in high positions in the city. As a lifelong resident of the Chicagoland area, already I find this story highly believable.

Elisa did something to tick off the Mayor, and was banished to the demon’s hell dimension.  Two paranormal investigators managed to summon her back, and now she is caught halfway between two worlds. In our world she is The Ghost. Her mission is to find all of the Mayor’s demons in the city and send them back to hell.

Unfortunately, she has lost most of her memories. She doesn’t know who she was, and is haunted by her past (pun intended).

This new series with the Ghost continues Elisa’s mission, with the help of her paranormal buddies. It’s an all new story by Kelly Sue Deconnick and Chris Sebela, with art by Ryan Sook. Our hero, The Ghost, rips a demon out of yet another person, only to discover that this person knew her. Her name is the last thing he says.

Who was this man? How did he know Elisa? Why did the Mayor choose him? Is it true that the Mayor is returning? Where is Doctor October, the new host for the insane demon who ruled Chicago. Then there is the White City Butcher, should Elisa try to help others, or stick strictly to her mission.

There are a lot of new questions and a lot of ground left to cover for The Ghost. I love her powers. The ability to ghost herself through anything, and take others with her when she is so inclined. There is a great sequence where she ghosts an entire car which was brilliant.

So far it looks like it will be an interesting series with paranormal angle that’s set in my own home town. How could I not like it? I hope that that Chris and Kelly Sue all a lot of actual Chicago references. A demon Santa on State Street, or working the metal detectors at the Daley Center are stories that almost write themselves (well, not really).

A great new start for The Ghost. I’m looking forward to what’s coming in issue 2.

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