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villain HouseA new week is here; let’s take a look at what’s coming from Dark Horse this week, along with mini-reviews of King Conan and Criminal Macabre.


From the mind of Best Humor Publication Eisner winner Shannon Wheeler come four hysterical tales of failed bank robberies, bad dates, doomed team-ups, and ruined empires! Introducing a new cast of lovable loser supervillains, Wheeler reveals what evil—and laugh-out-loud pathos—lurks within the walls of the Villain House! Collecting all four hilarious stories from Dark Horse Presents!

* Too Much Coffee Man creator Shannon Wheeler!

* The funniest superhero comic on the stands!

* For fans of Milk and Cheese, The Goon, and Marvel’s Strange Tales!


As the vernal equinox approaches, a ritual begins which could give one vampire dominion over an army of immortal warriors. Still butting heads because Nick wants to forsake his immortality for the woman he loves, can our two blood-drinking heroes quit bickering long enough to save the world?

* Covers by Juan Doe (Legion of Monsters, Iron Man Legacy)!

* Interiors by Evan Shaner (Buddy Cops, Eerie, Green Hornet Year One)!

CaptainMidnightCAPTAIN MIDNIGHT #4

Playing catch-up on the last eighty years, Captain Midnight heads for Manhattan to get a firsthand look at how far humanity has advanced in his absence. But when our hero hears about a mysterious high-rise heist artist who appears to be using Cap’s antigravity technology, his recon mission turns into an investigation of this strange sky man . . .

* A brand-new artist! Eduardo Francisco (Mass Effect: Homeworlds)!

* Introducing Skyman!


At Mo’Lock’s suggestion, Cal visits Jason Hemlock, a flashy, rich entertainer who claims to be the world’s foremost authority on the supernatural. Cal thinks he’s a fake, but Hemlock can help them. He’s a surgeon who can fix the Frankenstein monster’s eyes and possibly solve the exodus of the ghoul population.

* A perfect starting point for new readers!

* Directly picks up from the Criminal Macabre/30 Days of Night crossover!

* Cal has to save the life of Frankenstein’s monster!

Time for a Mini-Review:

Issue 2 of the story is as entertaining as the first. The wry sense of humor of Steve Niles comes through clearly in this issue, and Cal does grow on you.

The quest for new eyes for Frankenstein’s Monster continues and the boys visit a Doctor Strange looking character named Hemlock. They theorize that Hemlock can help them with multiple problems, being both a surgeon and a magician.

What Problems? Well for one, Cal is dead and vomiting up gobs of black goo pretty consistently. Then of course Adam needs some new eyes. That one you know about because of the title and all. Finally, something is killing all the ghouls and Mo’lock is not happy. Being dead already, you would think that ghouls couldn’t be killed, but it is happening and no one knows why.

Maybe Hemlock can help, maybe not. He seems nice, but is he setting up a trap for our heroes? There is only one way to find out.

Note, this is a mature only comic. That’s probably why the humor is so effective. It really makes me want to smoke a cigarette though.


Unwelcome and bloodthirsty guests are on the move in these two terrifying Poe stories presented by Eisner Hall of Fame inductee Richard Corben.

* Adaptations of “The Raven” and “The Masque of the Red Death” by horror comics legend Richard Corben.


It had to happen! Because you demanded it! Hellboy and the gang go to the fiery pits of HELL! How did they get there anyway? ALSO, our B.P.R.D. heroes’ search for Sasquatch continues! But what does Rasputin have to do with all this? OOOOH! Is he just trying to scare us? You WILL find out in this exciting issue!!!

* Highly recommended by Franco’s mom.



Conan’s only hope to defeat the vile wizard Xaltotun and reclaim his throne is to find and recover the Heart of Ahriman, but he isn’t the only one seeking this magical jewel! Conniving thieves stay a step ahead—and in dark forests, beings fouler still stand in the barbarian’s way!

* Howard’s only Conan novel—adapted by the creators who know the barbarian best!

* Concluding the first half of the massive Hour of the Dragon adaptation!

Another Mini-Review:

This chapter of the adaptation of Robert E. Howard’s The Hour of the Dragon comes to a close with issue 6 of King Conan: The Hour of the Dragon. Conan rides hard and rides alone. He meets up with a group of his subjects, who all believe him to be dead.

All the better for King Conan, who must track down the jewel, The Heart of Ahriman in order to defeat the Wizard Xaltotun. He insists he must do this alone and sets off to find the jewel after a tip arrives. The jewel has been taken by thieves.

Will King Conan be able to catch them and gain the jewel? What of the ghouls living in the desert? Does he really even need the jewel? Many questions are answered and many more remain as this issue will lead directly into the six issue King Conan The Conqueror series coming in February.

The artwork by Giorello seems almost made for Conan, dark and rough like Conan himself. The adaptation proceeds nicely and even though I jumped in at the end of this arc I felt as if I had an idea of what was happening and was able to enjoy the action, although I might wait for the trades to pick up the whole adaptation at once.


Darth Vader is on the trail of one Jedi—little does he know that even more Jedi are aware of his search and his impending arrival on their planet. The Jedi and their friends are waiting with a trap to end Vader for good. But this is a dark lord of the Sith they will be battling—and nothing is certain!

Darth Vader is on the trail of one Jedi—little does he know that even more Jedi are aware of his search and his impending arrival on their planet. The Jedi and their friends are waiting with a trap to end Vader for good. But this is a dark lord of the Sith they will be battling—and nothing is certain!

* A few of the last surviving Jedi plant a trap for Darth Vader!


“To put it as clearly as possible . . . there is something wrong with you and we are going to fix it.”

Better Living Industries works to reeducate Korse and is met with deadly consequences just as the Girl learns lessons from her forgotten past. The big battle is brewing in the sands of the desert as the Killjoys march on Battery City!

* From Gerard Way, creator of The Umbrella Academy!

* One of Wired magazine’s and IGN’s Most Anticipated Comics of 2013!

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