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September month end releases include:

He may have been unbeatable in the ’40s, but has Captain Midnight met his match in the modern era? When a recon mission goes horribly wrong, Captain Midnight finds himself pitted against an old foe, dozens of violent Wraiths, and . . . bloodthirsty polar bears?! He’s the man who always has a plan, but it’s going to take a helluva lot of resourcefulness to get out of this mess alive!
And an all new series launch:
While dealing with ghouls dying all around him and his own mysterious illness, occult detective Cal McDonald encounters the Frankenstein’s monster, who needs a new set of eyes. Can a rich entertainer who claims to be the world’s foremost authority on the supernatural help the monster regain its sight?
* A perfect starting point for new readers!
* Steve Niles’s Criminal Macabre returns!

And now it is time for a mini review!

They told me it was the perfect starting point for new readers, so I went for it. The artwork by Mitten is one of those quirky types and I guess it grows on you. I’m one of those who go for the realistic look at heart, but I can appreciate his style and it added to the story rather than obscuring it. The story itself was pretty interesting. Apparently, the hero, Cal McDonald is a Ghoul I guess? Which just recently happened? And he has some sort of illness that makes him vomit up gobs of black stuff. He isn’t happy about it, hey he isn’t happy about anything, but he still gets calls from the police for help.

Someone is ripping up a library, and it turns out to be Frankenstein’s monster. He’s got a problem, he is losing his eyesight and it is ticking him off. Cal has agreed to help him out as they are old friends. So they poof through a wall, which is some power I guess I don’t know about yet, and the issue comes to a close. Somewhere in there we find out that Ghouls are dying of some mysterious ailment, which is impossible. I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that the ghouls are the good guys.

The story is drawing me in, I’m not sure how I feel about Cal, although Steve Niles has given him a pretty good violence laden sense of humor, which earns him some points in my book. I’ll come back next month for more.

Read a new tale, written and illustrated by David Lapham, featuring luchador revenge on fearsome vampires in the world of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s The Strain: The Fall! Neal Adams’s Blood returns in part one of a massive two-part finale! And read an original tale from the world of the upcoming OGN Sabertooth Swordsman!
Plus, new installments of Juice Squeezers, Nexus, Trekker,Alabaster, and Steve Niles’s Nosferatu Wars! And a Edgar Alan Poe adaptation by Richard Corben!
* An original tale from the upcoming graphic novelSabertooth Swordsman!

Kick back and have a cold one with hearty-partying Ninjette, Empowered’s Best Friend Forever, as she weaves a boozy yet poignant tale of ninja magic, complete with fighting, flirting, and swing-dancing with the Maidman—not to mention the outwitting of ’Jette’s monstrous thug of a father. Drink up!
* Story (and bonus art) by Adam Warren, spectacularly illustrated by manga creator Takeshi Miyazawa (Lost Planet Bound Raven, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane)
* Over 100,000 Empowered graphic novels in print.

Lobster Johnson is on the trail of a Squatch!
His search has led him to the deep woods, and Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. are going to help him the best way they know how! That’s right—it’s a camping trip! One thing is for sure: when Liz is around you never need a flashlight, but you might need to bring your own marshmallows!
* The creators of Aw Yeah Comics come to Dark Horse!
*Art Baltazar and Franco reimagine Mike Mignola’s best-loved characters in the style of Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures!

Torn from his throne and on the run, Conan sneaks into his own occupied capital city and the ominous Iron Tower to rescue an innocent child from execution! Some very unlikely loyalists come to his aid against an army of traitorous guards, but Conan’s fight to regain his crown is far from over!
* Howard’s only Conan novel—adapted by Timothy Truman and Tomás Giorello!
The loss of the human colony Eden Prime was the first in a series of catastrophes to mark the return of the Reapers—a race of sentient AI that would threaten all life in the galaxy. Now, in her own words, Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams reveals what she saw.
* Written by Mac Walters, lead writer of the Mass Effect 2and 3 video games!
“Everything is better with comic books. This is a universal truth, and it’s doubly universally true for the Mass Effecttrilogy.– Kotaku

What happened to Henry Lyme between MIND MGMT’s first and second stories? Why is the former loner now assembling a team around himself? Who is out to destroy him? All is revealed in this issue!
* Matt Kindt (JLA, 3 Story) takes readers down the rabbit hole!
* Optioned for the big screen by Ridley Scott!
* Self-contained story! Great jumping-on point!
After a terrible vision of Empress Fel being struck down by a Sith, Ania Solo and Imperial Knight Jao ignore direct orders and set out in search of the murdering Sith. It’s theright thing to do . . . but it’s also scratching their itch for adventure!
* Furthest point in the future of the Star Wars saga.

And October opening releases are:

Dark Horse wants you to party hard! That’s why you’re invited on a galactic date with Amazing Grace! To the dance club with the Agents of Change! And on a superactivist world tour with Frank “Titan” Wells! Once again, Catalyst delivers all the super those other comics can’t handle!
* Masterminded by Joe Casey (Sex, Gødland)!
* Wraparound cover by Rafael Grampá (Mesmo Delivery)!
* Artists Dan McDaid (Doctor Who), Ulises Farinas (Gamma), and Paul Maybury (Aqua Leung)!
Literature: overrated. Morality: expendable. Tonight is right for some over-the-top sex and violence! Bringing the flavor of midnight exploitation flicks to comics, Grindhouse delivers four two-issue gore operas, starting with “Bee Vixens from Mars,” pitting a one-eyed southern Latina deputy against lusty alien chicks bent on laying eggs in the entire male population!
* Covers by superstar artists Francesco Francavilla and Coop!
* First issue in a brand-new series of B-movie masterpieces!
* Eisner nominee Alex de Campi (Smoke, Ashes) is a writer to watch in 2013!
* Future arcs feature art from Simon Fraser (2000 AD), Federica Manfredi (True Blood, Hack/Slash), and Gary Erskine (The Mask)!
An evil witch doctor needs the book of spells known as the Sword to reject the Occultist. He needs the weapon itself to decide that he is a bad host in the ongoing war against the realm of the dead. The solution lies in a Catholic schoolgirl who dabbles in death for a quick high.
* Art by Mike Norton (Battlepug, The Answer!, Revival).
* Written by Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley!
* Variant cover by Eisner winner Paolo Rivera.
The Empire is poised for an attack on the peaceful world of Aquilae, and only Jedi General Luke Skywalker seems concerned. When King Kayos is killed, Jedi in training Annikin Starkiller is ordered to find Princess Leia, while Skywalker sends his only squadron against the Empire’s powerful new battle station!
* Official eight-issue adaptation of George Lucas’s original rough-draft screenplay for Star Wars!
Here’s another mini-review.

I’m getting invested in the series now. It seems that the empire is conquering Aquilae, the final planet holding out against its tyranny by the one method the Jedi’s cant stop, politics.

Annikin is now Luke’s apprentice and he is sent to retrieve Princess Leia from school. She turns out to be a real princess and he has to drag her off, knocking her unconscious in order to get her to shut up and cooperate.

The Empire unleashes the Death Star, which turns out to be much less deadly in this universe. It can’t blow up a planet, and six starfighters pretty much take it out of action until politics turns its ugly head.

Now the king is dead, the senate surrendered, General Skywalker is angry, and the Princess and Annikin are missing.

The only thing that threw me for the biggest loop was the Death Star being such a pushover, and not even having any fighter support. Both R2 and 3po make their appearance this issue and R2 can talk! I prefer the non-talking R2 as now they sound like an old married couple. Despite this, it’s still a fun ride. Most people other than Skywalker seem like bumblers rather than rebels, and he just seems angry all the time. Things look pretty grim at this point, but its got me looking forward to issue 3, and that’s the whole point isn’t it.

Just Released from Dark Horse:

Abe uncovers connections between the hell on earth he and the B.P.R.D. are experiencing, and blood-soaked Mayan legends of the origins of man and the end of the world.
* Picks up directly from Abe Sapien: Dark and Terrible and The New Race of Man.
* New ongoing series!
You can’t believe how many things there are to be afraid of! First, forget black cats—Ray Fawkes (Justice League Dark) and Tomm Coker (Zombie Bomb!) will make you terrified of blackbirds! And Matthew Southworth (Stumptown) takes you further into the dark than you’ve ever imagined! Better learn to read from behind your fingers!
* Cover story written by Ray Fawkes!
* Tomm Coker and Matthew Southworth slather on the black ink!
* Frontispiece by Tim Seeley!
For generations, the elves sought a safe haven against all who would do them harm. But the dream that Chief Cutter and his Wolfriders fought and died for may be the very thing destroying them. The skills that helped them survive the harsh world are fading, and the growing threat of a tyrant obsessed with exterminating all elves makes for a disastrous brew that must surely boil over.
* Winner of the Golden Pen Award from the Young Adult Advisory Committee!
* An oversized prologue to the Elfquest: The Final Quest series!
* Marking thirty years of Elfquest action and adventure!

The conclusion of this three-part series reveals the story of how Commander Sarah Palmer became a Spartan-IV and leads directly into the exciting new mobile game from 343 Industries, Halo: Spartan Assault.
Sarah Palmer and her new comrade Spartans are thrust into action when a violent insurgent group attempts to seize the UNSC flagship Infinity. Is their Spartan cunning a match for the insurgents’ brilliant guerrilla tactics?
* Halo®—one of the largest video games franchises—comes to Dark Horse!

Dr. Harry is a friendly, small-town doctor who’s really a stranded alien hiding among us. Trying to help one of his only human friends beat a murder rap, Harry and Nurse Asta spend time in Seattle gathering information—possibly putting Harry right in the crosshairs of the federal agents on his trail!
* From the writer of Tom Strong and the artist of the classic Bojeffries Saga!

The Shaolin Cowboy returns, but nowhere in sight is there a dead Robin, any infinity gauntlets, or a single conquering Ultron—just flat-out action, intrigue, and plenty of roadkill. Geof Darrow’s slow-talkin’, kung-fu-gripping hero proves once again, in this brand-new new series, that the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a chainsaw!
* From writer/artist Geof Darrow (Hard Boiled, The Matrix)!
* More action than the rest of your pull list combined!
* All-new story! Start reading here!
* Covers by Darrow and Walter Simonson!

Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles have infiltrated an Imperial Destroyer. But now nine thousand stormtroopers are searching for them, and Darth Vader is aware of their presence. Completing their mission and escaping with their lives may be an either/or proposition!
Meanwhile, the Rebel fleet prepares for an Imperial assault!
* Artist Carlos D’Anda returns!
* Legendary Star Wars cover artist Hugh Fleming!
X #6
The city of Arcadia has a cancer of crime, and X is the surgeon. Now he’s turned his scalpel to the Dogs of War, a corrupt unit of violent narcotics officers . . . but when a lone good cop stands in his way, can X remove the tumor without killing the patient?
• Comics’ fiercest ongoing series!

And this week from Dark Horse comes:
As Liz flees the monster-filled hospital, her conscience kicks in and she thinks of everyone she left behind at the mercy of the mad doctor. She has to return to save them, but what can she do when she remains powerless? Can she find the fire again?
* Cover by Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire)!
* Art by Eisner winner Tyler Crook (The Sixth Gun).
* Liz Sherman back in action!

When Baltimore and Duvic find themselves fighting side by side against a plague of vampires, our hero is captured and taken to a weird ritual where a witch plans to feed him to the ancient undead.

Travis Clevenger may not have superpowers, but he can put a beatdown on anyone who does! Consulting with the FBI in exchange for release from prison, Clev is getting his life together when a rogue superhuman’s destructive rampage and a scientist’s response shock the nation, leading to Clev’s biggest case yet!
* From Dan Jolley (Prototype 2) and Leonard Kirk (X-Factor)!
* Variant cover by co-creator of Red, Cully Hamner!

Ambushed while protecting an important foreign dignitary, Matt Price, a.k.a. Brain Boy, finds himself wrapped up in political intrigue when an assassination plot that could derail a key United Nations conference sets Brain Boy on a collision course with a man whose mental powers rival his own! Get ready for a psychic smackdown over the streets of New York City!
* Written by New York Times best-selling author Fred Van Lente (Archer and Armstrong, G.I. Joe) with art by R. B. Silva (Superboy, Jimmy Olsen)!

Ruben’s attempt at a twelve-step recovery stalls before it begins, as an army of supervillains, led by his old nemesis Brutal Juice, assembles against him. But the alcohol-fueled superhero won’t give up yet . . . and before this blood-soaked issue is through, one of them will recognize a HIGHER POWER.
* Featuring Henry the Teleporting Goat!
* Cowritten by Toadies drummer Mark Reznicek!
* A gorgeous new miniseries from Geoff Shaw!

A twisted religious order targets the heathens Conan and Bêlit, who flee with a relic of immeasurable value. Mad warrior monks pursue the couple across a mazelike landscape, cutting off every avenue of escape. With no other options, Bêlit looks to the mysterious item, hoping to find some salvation within.
* From Brian Wood (Star Wars, The Massive), and Paul Azaceta (Amazing Spider-Man, B.P.R.D.).
* The most-talked-about Conan comic in years!
* Wood’s Star Wars was a day-one sellout!

The Secular Humanist Occult Obliteration Taskforce—defending humanity from angels, demons, and a bunch of other crap S.H.O.O.T. doesn’t believe in.
Justin Aclin (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Twisted ToyFare Theatre) and Nicolás Daniel Selma (Tomb Raider: The Beginning) take aim at the supernatural in an all-new big-action, big-ideas sci-fi adventure!
* Original, irreverent, and controversial!
* Aclin and Selma are the next “it” team in comics!

As a full-fledged war breaks out in Harlem, Gus’s heavily armed gang and an old luchador let the Master know they won’t give up their city without one helluva fight! It’s an all-out vampire brawl! Elsewhere, Fet makes a groundbreaking discovery about the vampires as Eph makes a fateful decision about his role in the ongoing battle for survival.
* Coming to the FX Network in 2014!

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