Bedtime Stories: The Street Musicians

I love reading to my kids. I know some parents do not have the time to read to their children, or have problems reading. So I am offering bedtime stories, all for free.

This story is The Street Musicians from
THE GREY FAIRY BOOK Edited by Andrew Lang

A donkey who has served his master faithfully for years discovers that his master plans to shoot him because he is now old andcan’t work. The donkey decides to set out on his own and become a street musician. Along his journey he meets other animals in the same situation, including a dog, a cat, and a rooster. They all join him on his journey. They meet up with some robbers in a house, and decide they want the house for themselves. Can they drive out the robbers and become street musicians?

This fairy tale is Rated G. No one is killed, there is some mention of shooting the donkey, drowning the cat, and so on.

You can read the book yourself for free at
Project Gutenberg Grey Fairy
or you can download it to put on your iPod or a cd here (Right Click, Save Target As):

The Street Musicians

or just click below and listen right now

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