Bedtime Stories: Maiden Bright-eye

I love reading to my kids. I know some parents do not have the time to read to their children, or have problems reading. So I am offering bedtime stories, all for free.

This story is Maiden Bright-eye from
THE PINK FAIRY BOOK Edited by Andrew Lang

This story is about a daughter with a wicked stepmother. The daughter is kind to a little man and gets 3 wishes that promise her a happy life. The wicked stepmother wants to put a stop to this, and ends up getting her own daughter cursed as ugly withfrogs falling out of her mouth. The king wants to marry Maiden Bright-eye, but the stepmother pulls a switcheroo and he marries the ugly daughter instead. Can Maiden Bright-eye defeat her wicked stepmother’s scheme?

This fairy tale is Rated PG-13. The ugly daughter pushes her sister into the sea, and ends up getting horribly killed by the king.

You can read the book yourself for free at
Project Gutenberg Pink Fairy
or you can download it to put on your iPod or a cd here (Right Click, Save Target As):

Maiden Bright-eye

or just click below and listen right now

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