Detective Stories: The Silent Bullet Ch 8 – Spontaneous Combustion

It’s an all new audiobook. The Silent Bullet, by Arthur B. Reeve.

Follow the adventures of Professor Craig Kennedy and his assistant Walter Jameson as they track down criminals scientifically.

From Wikipedia:
Arthur Benjamin Reeve (October 15, 1880 – August 9, 1936) was an American mystery writer. He is best known for creating the series character Professor Craig Kennedy, sometimes called “The American Sherlock Holmes,” and his Dr Watson-like sidekick Walter Jameson, a newspaper reporter, in eighteen detective novels. The bulk of Reeve’s fame is based on the 82 Craig Kennedy stories, published in Cosmopolitan magazine between 1910 and 1918. These were collected in book form; with the third collection, the short stories were stitched together into pseudo-novels. The 12-volume Craig Kennedy Stories came out in 1918; it reissued Reeve’s books-to-date as a matched set.

This Story is called Spontaneous Combustion. A man is found dead in his study. His head and chest are burned away, but his limbs and clothes and the furniture around him is untouched. Clearly a case of Sponaneous Human Combustion, or is it?
How can Craig find the solution to a mystery that has no solution?

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Spontaneous Combustion

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