Bedtime Stories: The Three Brothers

I love reading to my kids. I know some parents do not have the time to read to their children, or have problems reading. So I am offering bedtime stories, all for free.

This story is The Three Brothers from
THE PINK FAIRY BOOK Edited by Andrew Lang

The story is of three brothers and their father. The father loves all his sons and doesn’t know who to leave the house to when he dies. He tells the sons to learn a trade, and the one who learns the best would get the house. It is a fairly short story, less than five minutes.

This fairy tale is Rated PG, because at the end the brothers all die. If the story had ended at the happy ending it would have been great, but they took it all the way to the end. While it isn’t really bad, it isn’t really happy either.

You can read the book yourself for free at
Project Gutenberg Pink Fairy
or you can download it to put on your iPod or a cd here (Right Click, Save Target As):

The Three Brothers

or just click below and listen right now

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