Bedtime Story: The Cat’s Elopement

I love reading to my kids. I know some parents do not have the time to read to their children, or have problems reading. So I am offering bedtime stories, all for free.

This story is The Cat’s Elopement from
THE PINK FAIRY BOOK Edited by Andrew Lang

It is the story of two cats, who fall in love but their masters won’t let them be together. They run away, The male saves the female from a big dog and is taken to a princess where he is pampered and loved while the female is left to fend for herself. Eventually he sees her getting attacked again and saves her again. They tell the tale of their love to the princess, who adopts the female as well and they live the rest of their days happily ever after.

This story is Rated G. A word of caution though, the story seems to say that is is ok to run away and get married. Maybe the moral is “Love conquers all”, but as a dad I don’t want the kids running away to get married. It is probably fine for younger children, but older ones might get the wrong idea.

You can read the book yourself for free at
Project Gutenberg Pink Fairy
or you can download it to put on your iPod or a cd here:
The Cat’s Elopement

or just click below and listen right now

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