New Pathfinder Adventure Path Begins!

Pathfinder Adventure Path #79: The Half-Dead City (Mummy’s Mask 1 of 6) (PFRPG) Remember How This Came To Pass! New Pathfinder Adventure Path begins! Secrets of the sands are yours to grasp in our newest […]

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Announcing PaizoCon 2014 — July 4-6!

Are you going to be in Seattle for the 4th? Then you might want to head to PaizoCon! Paizo announced today: Get ready for 3 days of some serious Paizo fun! Gaming, panels, workshops, costumes, […]

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Giveaway

You can participate in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Giveaway simply by making sure you are subscribed to the Voice of E, Liking this video, and leaving a useful comment below. You must be at […]