Hero Lab Finds it’s Path..Finder

Role Playing Games have evolved since I began playing Dungeons & Dragons back in the 80’s. They became slowly more complex, and revolved around mechanics more and more. In the past few years that trend […]


Star Wars Armada Review from the Empire

Admiral Miller of the Imperial Fleet gives you a look at Star Wars Armada from Fantasy Flight Games. Perhaps you can defeat the Rebels? Or Die in glorious service to the Empire!


The Beauty of Murano Revealed

Murano, the home of the finest artisan glass producers in the world. Join Antonio (Elliott) as he tells you all about the board game from Mayfair Games, and what he thinks in this Murano board […]


The Patchwork World Championship Board Game Review

Howard and John take us to the VOE Wide World of Sports coverage of the Patchwork World Championship Daddy/Daughter Match between Elliott Miller and his daughter, affectionately known as “The Smasher” in the Patchwork gaming […]