Elliott reported for several years with The Gaming Gang website and podcast. Elliott has reviewed several hundred games, conducted dozens of interviews, and attended many gaming and geek conventions.

Elliott has since moved on, but still continues his love of gaming and geek culture. Anything related to Games, Comics, Books, Movies, TV, in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Genres are fair game.

Elliott soon realized that his voiceover website The Voice of E (for Elliott), could easily mean the Voice of Entertainment, or Eggs, or Elephants, or anything. The Voice of E transformed into a geek news and game reviews site. Here I continue my journalistic quest to write about the things that I enjoy, and provide entertainment and information to others with a similar mindset.

Now Voice of E Videos are all posted to the YouTube Channel, and Reviews are also on BoardGameGeek.com

In addition to entertaining dozens with videos, Elliott is a voice over artist with a warm voice that can adapt to most circumstances, whether it is narration, announcing, or presentations. Elliott can slip into different characters smoothly, as well as accents. Elliott can vary my age from young adult to elderly. He can speak deep and sexy, or professional and upbeat.

If Elliott appeared in Playgirl as a centerfold, his info page would say “I am an avid reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy. I enjoy Boardgames, spending time with my family, and making humorous and informative videos. I love shows about the paranormal, history, and of course, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I listen to many audiobooks, and especially enjoy the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson”