The Battle of Kursk: Fast and Fun WW2 Platoon-level Gaming

Kursk. Many historians believe it was the turning point of the World War II. Kursk. Witness to the largest tank battle of the entire war. Kursk. The end of the myth of German invincibility.

Although the history is important, what is more so is an immersive, fast-moving, compelling game that lets YOU relive the history. That’s what you get with Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk.

Designed by Mark H. Walker and David K. van Hoose, Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk (PCD:K) is the gorgeous port of Tiny Battles’ well-known Platoon Commander system to Flying Pig’s big box, mounted map, large counter method of game publishing. Each game includes TWO mounted 11” x 17” geomorphic maps, and four sheets of thick (2mm thick, wow these counters are so easy to pick up, thick, why haven’t wargames been like this forever, thick), 1” square counters. There are Tiger tanks, Panther tanks, Mk IV tanks, T-34/76 tanks, KV-1 tanks, SU-152 assault guns, infantry (rifle, guards, pioneers, submachine gun), mortar batteries, Stukas, IL-2, and more.

The project is on Kickstarter thru Dec 21st, and is already funded 14k over the initial goal of 18k.

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