The Other Guys Board Game Podcast Premiere Episode

The Other Guys Episode 1

Remember the Gaming Gang Podcast with Elliott Miller and Jeff McAleer that set the world on fire a few years back? (sorry about that by the way, we finally put it out) Well, the boys are back in town with an all new show, The Other Guys! Why is it The Other Guys? Well, listen and find out.

In this episode we’ve got board game news, reviews of Barenpark from Mayfair Games and Tiny Epic Western from Gamelyn Games, plus some thoughts on Gen Con 50.

You can listen below or download it to listen at your leisure. Try listening at night, right before bed, our dulcet tones will simply lure you to dreamland while our embedded subliminal messages will help you realize how much you loved the show and want to SHARE IT WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS….

Seriously though, I hope you enjoy, it’s great to be back on the airwaves.


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