A Walking Tour of the Gen Con 50 Museum

Join Elliott on a walking tour of the many memories on display in the Gen Con museum in Lucas Oil Stadium at Gen Con 50. Sure you’ll hear some random comments from other patrons. Plus you’ll hear some banter between Elliott and Jeff McAleer from the Gaming Gang, as we reminisce about games we’ve owned and played. But it’s mainly about taking a look at gaming history as seen through the eyes of Gen Con.

The opening shot shows a replica of the entrance to the very first Gen Con, held at Horticulture Hall in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in August of 1968. Next you’ll see a plaque dedicated to Gary Gygax, along with a photo of Gary and a speaker broadcasting Gary’s voice to all attendees.

After that we tour the many display cases, catching a glimpse of such treasures as the D&D White Box, a copy of Chainmail, the infamous Outdoor Survival board game, the first edition of Diplomacy, all the way up to a sample of some modern board games.

I hope you enjoy this tour. I really hope that Gen Con intends to bring it back next year. So that more people can have the opportunity to take this look back at the history of Gen Con, and truly of gaming as a whole.

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