King of Tokyo: Power Up and Ninja Taisen!


IELLO’s Mini Games range is expanding with the release of roshambo-based combat game Ninja Taisen

Two new exciting IELLO games are now available online and in brick-and-mortar stores:

King of Tokyo: Power Up!
 is the first expansion for the new version of King of Tokyo, released in 2016. The expansion includes Pandakaï, a new monster with updated visual, along with Evolution cards for all King of Tokyo monsters (Original Edition and Updated Edition). Thanks to this expansion, The King, Meka Dragon, Alienoid, Space Penguin, Cyber Kitty, Gigazaur, Kraken, Cyber Bunny, and Pandakaï all unlock destructive new powers to fight for the title of King of Tokyo!

Ninja Taisen is the new title in IELLO’s Mini Games range. Based on the mechanics of roshambo, Ninja Taisen is a two-players game in which each player is trying to make his fighters invade the opposing camp in a merciless war. Each fighter has a symbol (rock, paper or scissors), and throwing the dice will tell you which ones you can move forward, if you dare. But think strategically, for when two fighters from opposing camps are facing, rock beats paper, paper beats… you know the rest!

IELLO’s range of Mini Games(Welcome to the DungeonTem-Purr-A)  is focused on a philosophy of providing great fun in small boxes. Handy to travel with and affordable for everyone, each title is dedicated to bringing something unique that everyone can enjoy!


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