Gen Con 50 Event Catalog to Launch May 14

Gen Con attendees will get their first chance to view the initial list of Gen Con 50 events at noon (Eastern) on Sunday, May 14 when the official Event Catalog launches on With the release of the Event Catalog, attendees can begin building their Wish Lists on, preparing for the opening of Event Registration on Sunday, May 28 at noon (Eastern). Gen Con provides several different ways to explore the event listings with more than 10,000 events available for initial exploration and thousands more on the way. You can start planning your gaming schedule this weekend!

Never participated in Event Registration? Gen Con will release several newsletters in the coming weeks to explain how to create your Wish List, participate in Event Registration, and purchase event tickets.

While the Event Catalog will debut with thousands of events to explore, this offering is just an initial list of available events. Events, as always, are subject to change. Don’t see an old favorite? Don’t stress; many events will be added soon. Additional events, including some from large event organizers, will get added to the listings in the coming weeks.

Mattel Games™, the makers of UNO®, Magic 8 Ball® and Rock Em Sock Em Robots®, will return in 2017 to celebrate the historic Gen Con 50! Mattel is excited to showcase the 2014 Kinderspiel de Jahres winner, Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters™, in addition to revealing their newest strategy game, Wizards Wanted™. Wizards Wanted™ is a game about four traveling wizards who use pixie dust to perform odd jobs around the countryside, hoping to become the most famous wizard in the land. With the cost of pixie dust constantly in flux, you’ll need to use a lot of planning and a little bit of luck to come out on top!

Gen Con attendees will also have the opportunity to meet and play with game designers Brian Yu (Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters™) and Nick Hayes (Wizards Wanted™), all while experiencing Mattel’s newest games firsthand! But it’s not all pixie dust and poltergeists… guests will also have the opportunity to pick up two of the newest party games, FunEmployed™ and F*That! ™, as well as Mattel’s iconic card games.

Stop by Exhibit Hall booth #161 to try out these great games, meet the team, and get your hands on Gen Con exclusive products!

Looking for a cool and classy keepsake for Gen Con 50? Con*Quest Adventure Journals has an all-new, custom spiral game journal available for pre-order now. You can order them before the show, or buy yours, while supplies last, in in the Family Fun Pavilion (booth 2306).

Inspired by beer and wine tasting journals, they have created a product for the game demo enthusiast on the go! The clean, user-friendly design also is appropriate for attendees to use all year. You can jot down game reviews from demos at the show, but also use it for tracking notes on all new games you try throughout the year. With 80 “games played” pages, 60 lined pages, 60 graph pages, two pocket pages, and more, this journal combines an appealing aesthetic style with functionality.

Journals will ship soon (June 4), and only cost $9.99. Order your journal today!

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