Cthulhu Comes to Syrinscape and Free RPG Day

New Evocative and Horrific Sounds for Any Cthulhu-Themed Gaming Adventure Available Now for the Syrinscape App

Syrinscape, the award-winning sound companion app that brings tabletop games to life, releases today the second installment of the 6-part Cthulhu Rises DoomPack, with two new Cthulhu-themed SoundSets of doom and horror to have gamers playing on the edge of insanity, Mi-Go Laboratory and Mi-Go Underground Dwelling. Each is available from the Syrinscape store for $3.99 or as part of the Sci-Fi Subscription Package. SuperSyrin Subscribers will find the new SoundSets already unlocked in their libraries.

Mi-Go Laboratory SoundSet
With vats of bubbling goo and boiling liquids, analog clanks, biomatter, telemetric communications and more, the Mi-Go Laboratory SoundSet is a place of true Cthulhu-esque horror.

Mi-Go Underground Dwelling SoundSet
Mi-Go Underground Dwelling SoundSet is the audio solution for underground exploration in tabletop games. Whisperings, hissings, shrieks, iridescent walls, skittering and more unpleasant sounds will make players uneasy in their chairs.

Syrinscape is a proud sponsor of Free RPG Day again this year (June 17, 2017), the day when gamers can score exclusive free games and other goodies at their participating friendly local game shops. While supplies last, Free RPG Day stores will be giving out more than 10,000 Syrinscape gift cards for a free download of the Steam Train to Salem SoundSet, a bonus add-on SoundSet to the Cthulhu Rises Doompack. Steam Train to Salem will have players rolling down the tracks to insanity with the ambient hustle and bustle of Coach to Cabin Class, hungry riders in the dining car enjoying music from an upright piano, brain-sucking alien power, an incessant harmonica player, haunted luggage carriage and more.

Free RPG Day marks the debut of Syrinscape’s new retail gift cards. Similar to iTunes or Google-Play cards, the Syrinscape gift cards will feature a scratch-off foil to reveal a unique code good for use in the Syrinscape store. Syrinscape gift cards will be for sale in hobby game shops for $20 each and the packaging will feature several designs of collectible art and game enhancements such as maps and tokens. Look for Syrinscape gift cards at local game shops in Summer 2017.

The award-winning Syrinscape apps bring fantastic, realistic sound to tabletop gaming and are compatible with nearly any mobile device or computer. Syrinscape’s Fantasy Player, Sci-Fi Player and Board Game Player apps are free to download and the official sounds of Pathfinder, Mutants & Masterminds, Catan and hundreds of other sound creations for nearly any tabletop game are available for sale individually or as part of the Supersyrin Subscription for $10/month.

Syrinscape can also be completely unlocked for free for 30 days at Syrinscape.com/freetrial and includes two free SoundSets to keep after the trial.

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