Arena: For the Gods – Teaser Trailer 2 from Iello

Arena: For the Gods

Players: 2-6 | Age: 8+ | Time: 30min

Author: Maxime Rambourg
Illustrator: Paul Mafayon

Release date (US):
Origins 2017 (Columbus, Ohio)
In stores: June 28th
Online: July 12th

In today’s new trailer, we are revealing more details on how to play our upcoming game  Arena: For the Gods! from the author of critically-acclaimed The Big Book of Madness. In this fun, yet strategic brawling game, different heroes taken from various mythologies are fighting to the death using a plethora of equipments. Using your Health Points, make sure to bid on the right equipments the create destructive combinations that will lead you to glory!
I have the feeling I’ve always been carrying this game” said, Maxime Rambourg, in a recent Author’s Diary for French website Tric-Trac. About Paul Mafayon’s work on the visuals, he also said: “I harassed the project manager to see the illustrations as they came, and I was like a kid in front of each weapon, of each mount…

Available to play and buy exclusively at Origins 2017 (Columbus, Ohio), the game will then become available in gaming stores on June 28th.

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