The Film Reroll: A Must Listen Podcast for Gamers

The Film Reroll – an RPG Podcast by Gamers, for Gamers

Ever find something and say “Why Didn’t I think of that?”. Well that’s the exact reaction I had after my son told me about this podcast called The Film Reroll and I started listening. That was a week ago, today I only have two episodes to go before I’m caught up.

Sure I’ve got the Game Review video thing where I dress up in character and review board games, but this…this is genius.

The concept is the brainchild of Actor/GM Paulo Quiros. Basically, they take the plot of a film and convert it to an RPG scenario. Each player is assigned a character from the movie, and they replay the movie. Sometimes things go right and they reach basically an ending similar to the movie, but sometimes things go horribly wrong.

You see, the players are free to pursue their goals as they see fit according to the personalities and skills set forth in their character sheet, but many times their fate is controlled by a roll of the dice. How to explain it? I really don’t want to give any spoilers, because it really is such a joy to hear what crazy directions these movies can go when players are given free reign to deal with the plot points as they wish when they occur.

The players are so much fun to listen to. They are all funny. There’s Pitr Strait, Andy Hoover, Joz Vammer, Jon Miller, and more recently Scott Aiello. Scott, I was a teen in the 80’s dude, keep those references coming. I’m one of the 2% that laughed at the Family Ties reference! Each one brings their own unique sense of humor, and heart, and murderous rage to the show.

Paulo is the GM in most cases, but sometimes he gets to switch sides of the table as Jon has taken the role of God in several episodes, and Andy GM’d one himself. what amazes me is the amount of work that the GMs must have to put in to get prepared for a single episode. Not only do they have to watch the movie multiple times in order to create character sheets that capture the essence of the characters in the movies, but they have to flesh out many of the secondary characters as well. Plus prepare locations, possible plot line divergences, and who knows what else in creating the adventure.

For example, in the Jumanji episode, Pualo had to fill in every space on the game board with an encounter, even though we only saw a handful of these encounters in the actual movie. This was after painstakingly watching and pausing the movie in order to plot out every roll the characters made and duplicate the board exactly. There were 88 spaces, and they hit maybe 8-10 in the episode? Needless to say we might see a Jumanji II.

And what kills me is that I just want to talk about it after it is over. Even though I am just a simple listener I feel like I was part of it and want to joke about it with them. They are fun episodes, they are long too (1.5 – 2 hours) but I really don’t feel it at all. It sucks you in, just like you are watching a movie, and most of all it makes me want to RPG again. Granted, they use GURPs rules which I haven’t looked at since the 80’s, but the excitement is just so catching.

One small warning, there is swearing and innuendo abounds. It may not be suitable for younger or more sensitive listeners. I don’t feel it comes across as gratuitous though, more like “Sentence Enhancers” (Except for Pitr, who I’m pretty sure would tell me to go F*** myself if I complained).

What’s out there? You can dive back into Jaws, search for the Lost Ark once again, sing along with Anna and Elsa, journey to the Land of Oz. Ok, let me stop there, Let me just say “Dorothy, the Mother of Dragons”. That’s it, no spoilers. There are others, and they are all a lot of fun. Like I said, why didn’t I think of that?

If any of these guys ever see this, all I can say is: Paulo, you need to run an adventure at Gen Con this year, or get all of you there for a panel. I’m telling you, you’ve still got time to register an event I think and the gamers at Gen Con need to know about Film Reroll. There were 200,000 gamers there in 2016.


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