Antichrist Horror Card Game Goes Live on Kickstarter

Yes, the name says it all, well most of it.

Smarter Backer, the website behind the weekly Board Game Badger, have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a brand new horror card game, Antichrist.

After a year of development by designer Daniel Zayas, Smarter Backer will test the limits of the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform by launching the most hellish of campaigns. While the theme is undoubtedly polarizing, early reviews of Antichrist have all but confirmed that this is a game which will stand the test of time and be a crowd favorite for years to come.

Tyler Anderson of Bearded Meeple said in his review, “What could possess me to enjoy a game like this?”

Patrick Siebert of Just Got Played said in his review, “I can’t believe I am recommending Antichrist!”

Forrest Bower of Bower’s Game Corner said in his review, “This one does have a very peculiar theme!”


About Antichrist

Antichrist is a 15-20 minute card game for 2-6 players that takes 30 seconds to set up, 10 minutes to learn, and a lifetime to master! 2-6 players take on the roles of occultists raising the foulest of demons by simultaneously bidding on an offering of artifacts. After turn order is established, players swap their bid with any cards matching the demon’s domain and/or the type of artifact. But be careful! The card you use to bid might be picked up by the following player! The game ends when the deck runs out, then players pool their winnings into their desired hand of five cards to determine the winner.

So if you are interested in something unusual and a bit evil, check out Antichrist on Kickstarter now

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