Want Some Monster Truck Mayhem? It’s on Kickstarter

Greater Than Games launched Monster Truck Mayhem on Kickstarter on June 16, 2015

Greater Than Games has launched Monster Truck Mayhem on Kickstarter. Monster Truck Mayhem is a real time dice rolling board game of racing monster trucks through an obstacle course in the best traditions of the pastime. Monster Truck Mayhem comes from the minds of Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle, designers of board games such as Fleet and Eggs & Empires . It will be available at a $40MonsterTruckMayhemsm base pledge level, with an expected release date of June 2016.

Players who enjoy the action and excitement of real time games like Space Cadets: Dice Duel and Escape: The Curse of the Temple will enjoy the same high energy fun with Monster Truck Mayhem . The game benefits from extensive playtesting through the Unpub Network, and it has been in development for several months.

Monster Truck Mayhem is a title published under the Dice Hate Me Games imprint of Greater Than Games. The Dice Hate Me Games line of tabletop games has a focus on strategic gameplay with a down to earth thematic feel.

Greater Than Games is a tabletop game design and publishing company with a mission to create the games they themselves want to play. Greater Than Games has published several games and expansions since its founding in 2011 and looks forward to creating many more.

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