The WitchBorn: New at Origins Game Fair!

The WitchBorn®—Revolutionizing Miniatures Games


The WitchBorn Corporation, an innovative web-publishing company out of Illinois, has created a new game incorporating smart phone apps, unique PDF rosters, and tabletop miniatures rules in ways never conceived before. To raise capital for the first production run, the game was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign.

The WitchBorn® game lets 2-4 players build their own war clans to clash in epic fantasy adventures. Then innovative smart phone apps deliver an impressive variety of encounters and the kind of rich storytelling usually only found in roleplaying games. A one-of-a-kind PDF roster tracks warriors’ advances, allowing players to guide them from inept beginnings to their rise as dominant heroes.

“I love buying miniatures, but I find that the games don’t always stand up,” said creator Cory S. Kammer. “Most games come with printed stats for the miniature and that’s all the character can do every time you open the box. I wondered what would happen if each of my characters could grow, change, and interact with story elements in the way roleplaying characters do.”

Cory’s first invention was the simple but novel war clan roster. This easy-to-use PDF document is the central tool that allows warriors to level up and change with each adventure. Players choose from hundreds of items to equip their war clans. Click hidden icons to highlight key info about warriors. The WitchBorn’s roster tracks changes, so players can watch their characters develop. Just update and reprint every few games and the progress never needs to end.

Next up came a series of unique adventures. It’s the smart phone app that is the game changer. Phone apps come with every adventure to take the place of a game master, guiding players through random encounters and intense stories. Players can play head-to-head or cooperatively without a referee. Storytelling is done by the app!

The WitchBorn is a true “campaign game” with an expanding series of adventures. Lush battlemaps depict a variety of exotic environments. Each has 46” x 39” playing surface made from high quality vinyl that rolls out flat, resists scratches, and can survive spills. The Chase is the first adventure and already available with the follow-up Asylum due out for the Origins Game Fair in June. Three more adventures will follow in 2015.

Find The WitchBorn at to see the variety of adventures, diverse settings, and get the smart phone apps. You’ll also find a choice of cool custom attack dice and an incredible assortment of fully adjustable war clan rosters for just 99¢ each.

Demo The WitchBorn at the Origins Game Fair June 3-7 and sign up for a free copy of the Quick Start Guide. Join The WitchBorn community on Facebook to spread the word.

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