Pirate Tales Giveaway: Give the Devil his Due

The Winner of Last Week’s Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Giveaway was Partututbo! Thanks for Entering! I’ve already received the contact info and it’s on the way to you!

This week, an all new Pirate Tale:

Argggh! Listen up folks. The Captain is here to tell you a pirate’s tale. Here Be the Story Give the Devil His Due from the second Adventure Deck from the Skull & Shackles Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

It’s a game session translated into a pirate story. Try listening as a bedtime story and let me know if it was entertaining.

I’m giving away a free class deck that you can use for organized play with your friends or at your FLGS to play the campaign and have your own cards from the Skull & Shackles Set. Play along with me as we travel through the many pirate adventures in the Shackles.

To Enter, Just make sure you are subscribed to the Voice of E Channel on You Tube, and enter a comment. One lucky winner will be selected on April 1st (no fooling!)to receive the prize.

Open to the whole world, but you must be at least 18 years old to enter or have a parent enter for you.