Did I Capture a Ghost on Film?

Last Night, August 30th, my wife and I went on the Ursula Bielski Chicago Hauntings Tour in downtown Chicago. During the tour I snapped a slew of pictures with my camera in the hopes of capturing something spooky.

As we were going home, I was looking through the pics, and came across this one that I took at the sight of the H.H. Holmes Glass Bending Factory, where it is said that Holmes took some of his victims to dispose of them. Our guide told us that the figure of a woman has been seen standing between these two trees near the end of the dead end street. So I snapped a picture of the trees, and here is what I got. I colored in the license plate of the rear car so that it could not be seen.


I know it is hard to see, but I noticed something in the back seat of the parked car in front of the trees. In my camera it was clearer and I could zoom in to that specific area, which is how i spotted it in the first place. Once I got home, I lightened up the picture so that I could see better. Here is that version, again I blanked out the license plate of the rear car:

Ghost_full_no_plateThere is clearly something sitting in the back of the car. Please note that this was a row of parked cars late at night and no one was in them. Here is a zoomed in look:


To me, it looks like a little girl dressed in some old time clothes, although you cannot see the top half of her head. Could it be the ghost of one of Holmes victims? What do you think it is? no one was near those cars, and it looks nothing like any kind of reflection. Theories? I still have the original pic on my phone. I lightened it on my pc using Picasa, and blanked out the plate using Paint.

I’ll be sending these off to Ursula’s email address to get their thoughts. Let me know what you think.

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