Hot Free Events at Gen Con 2014

Looking for some fun things to do at Gen Con and short on cash? Here are a bunch of events, and the best thing of all is that they are free.

Behind the Scenes of the Bob and Angus Show
Event ID: SEM1456999
Meet the cast and crew behind the scenes of The Bob & Angus Show, a web series developed by Mayfair Games and Pulp Gamer Media starring two puppet sheep that deliver, or at least try to deliver, news about games, geek culture, and ovine lifestyle.

Dungeons & Dragons:  Tyranny of Dragons Launch Party
Event ID: ENT1459893
Adventurers needed on the Sword Coast! Join D&D designers, storytellers, and other special guests for the Tyranny of Dragons Launch Party! Tyranny of Dragons-themed activities will be held throughout the day, leading up to the Launch Party on Friday night. Enjoy the summer evening on Georgia Street for music, merriment, and a few menacing surprises. You never know who (or what) might crash a party celebrating dragons.

First Exposure Playtest Hall
The First Exposure Playtest Hall allows designers and publishers to preview and test their creations before they go live. Scores of all-new role playing games, story games, board games, and card games will be represented; the designers need you to help test them!

Tickets for playtests are free to all Gen Con attendees. Spectators are welcome, and even if you don’t have a ticket, come talk the folks at the FEPH and they’ll try to fit you in! Plus, there will be special presentations at noon & 7 pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

80s Bash

Event ID: ENT1462499
Break out the leg warmers and neon, spike up those bangs, and pop your collar because the 1980s are back for one night only! Listen to your heart and check out this righteous dance party, so you can go ahead and jump… get physical or bust a move!

Free to everyone with a 2014 badge because nobody puts Gen Con attendees in the corner. Showing off your gnarly break dancing skills is like, totally optional. There will be a DJ and cash bar because you know you wanna dance with somebody!

How RPGs Influence Comics
Event ID: SEM1465066
Ever had something so epic or hilarious happen at your gaming table that you thought, ‘I bet people would read a comic about this!’? You’re not alone! Learn about how some of the most popular comics around take inspiration from their roleplaying adventures with panelists Scott Kurtz (PvP, Table Titans), Ryan Sohmer (Looking for Group), Brian Patterson (d20Monkey), and Nolan T. Jones (House of ORR). More information here
Calling All Chess Players
Event ID: KID1454228
Attention chess-playing youths! …and friends/family/parents of chess-playing youths! Two-time National Champion Jennifer Shahade needs opponents for her Sunday event; she’ll battle up to 50 simultaneous games of chess against the youth (12 and under) of Gen Con; the more participants, the better. 
The Last Annual Zombie Walk
Event ID: ZED1452857
Patient Zero has been trapped in a Government lab since last seen at Gen Con many years ago. After years of Government experimentation, Patient Zero has regained enough of his higher cognitive functions and has escaped. With Government agents dogging his heels, Patient Zero is going for his final gambit to finish what he started- Infecting everyone at Gen Con! Join him and the zombie horde for a dramatic end to the annual Gen Con zombie walk! This will be the UN’s last annual Zombie Walk at Gen Con so lets make it a memorable one!
Slay the Balloon Creature
Have you seen the balloon creatures at Gen Con?! This year, the famed balloon sculptor is planning to create a fearsome MINOTAUR in battle armor. At 12 pm on Sunday, charity auction winners will have the first stab, before floods of kids pop it into oblivion.
10 Rules for Writing Rules
Event ID: SEM1465801
Check out this Industry Insider Guest of Honor seminar if you need some help polishing the mechanics of your game! Pathfinder ACG designer & IIGoH Mike Selinker goes through his rules to writing rules, defining what makes good rules good & bad rules bad.
Destruction of Cardhalla

Wouldn’t it be fun to destroy something while benefiting charity? Watch and help Cardhalla‘s triumphant spires grow throughout Gen Con weekend, then at 10 pm Saturday night, bid for your chance to cast the first coin of doom! All benefits go to Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. Build! Donate! DESTROY!
Apathy Wizards! in Concert
Event ID: ENT1453333
Dressed as pirates, samurai, and riverboat gamblers,and bards by nature, The Apathy Wizards deliver stories, songs, and hard-learned lessons with a smile on their faces. Click here for more information about their free concert!
Church of Starry Wisdom
Event ID: ZED1454369
Join the whole fishy gang from Innsmouth in this Lovecraftian jamboree. Declare your love of Cthulhu for prizes! With Rev. Portajonni and Albert Shiny leading the campaign. Revel under the glare of the Elder Sign and harken back to long-forgotten eons. 

Ennies Awards Gala
Event ID: ENT1453198
Last year, more than 13,900 gamers voted to determine the winners of the Annual EN World RPG Awards at Gen Con. From Monday, July 21 through Friday, August 1, the voting booth opens and it’s your chance to cast your ballot.

The event will be in the Grand Hall Ballroom of Union Station on Friday, August 15 with a cocktail reception at 6:30 pm and ceremony at 8:30 pm.

The Wizards of the Coast Story
Event IDs: SEM1462175-77
Peter Adkison, founder of Wizards of the Coast, shares the stories of the iconic game company, from its earliest days to the Magic: the Gathering explosion in the mid-90s to its acquisition by Hasbro in 2001. This exciting oral history is split into three sections, each with many tickets available. 

29th Annual Costume Contest
Event ID: ENT1462498
Don’t miss the Gen Con Costume Contest being held on Saturday, August 16 in the 500 Ballroom of the Convention Center. Display your costuming wizardry, or just relax and watch the best costumes at the convention. The event is free to spectators! As a bonus, you’ll be treated to pre-show entertainment and unique comedy during intermission.
How to Run a Successful Kickstarter
Event ID: SEM1465788
Ever wanted to get your game published on the new frontier of Crowd Sourcing? Learn everything you need to know in this updated Standing Room Only panel from last year! This informative seminar could be just what you need to take your project to the next level. 

The Lord of Catan
Event ID: FLM1466521
A young couple Amy Acker (Angel) and Fran Kranz (Dollhouse) playing a friendly game of Settlers of Catan escalates into cutthroat competition in this short film: there can be only one Lord of Catan. Many tickets available for this free screening Saturday evening, August 16.
Event ID: SEM1455713
Have questions about what Harebrained Schemes ins planning for their future of running in the Shadowrun Universe? Join Jordan Weisman and Mitch Gitelman, co-founders of Harebrained Schemes, and ask them yourself. They’ll share their experiences creating Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun:Dragonfall and share their plans for what’s next. Click here for more information. 
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