Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign at C2E2 2014

Elliott talks with Game Producer Joe Fletcher about MARVEL PUZZLE QUEST™: DARK REIGN.

Marvel’s mightiest heroes take their exploits to the realm of puzzle games when they jump into the world of Puzzle Quest in Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign. With an entirely new emphasis on the very nature of Marvel team-ups, Marvel Puzzle Quest defines tag-team puzzle action, allowing players to create a team from a roster of classic Marvel heroes and embark upon a journey of a global scale.

In collaboration with the creative forces at Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign delivers an unprecedented level of strategy to the puzzle game genre. Filled with upgrades, unlockable abilities, and team perks, Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign allows players to assemble the ultimate Marvel team and return order to a corrupted world.

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